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At Morgan-Gallacher, we build our business on relationships. We are your trusted adviser, the extra employee you count on. From day one, your problems become our problems and we turn those problems into solutions. Our people become familiar with your people and learn your process. The more familiar we are with you, your employees, and your business, the better and faster we can help serve you.

Knowledge & Expertise

For more than 50 years, our team has been experts in the chemical industry and our knowledge and expertise only continues to grow. Our employees are experts in the fields they service and are constantly looking for new ways to improve their knowledge and their customers’ businesses. We provide leadership on your initiatives to push you to the next level. One of our customers’ favorite things about us is that we are available whenever you need us. Our goal is to have you inspection read at any time.


Safety is always our 1st priority. You will hear our team refer to 123SQP. That stands for Safety. Quality. Productivity. In that order, with no exceptions. This pledge is made not only to our business, but to yours. We provide the necessary resources for the safe and proper use of our products through color coded labels, tech sheets, wall cards, safety data sheets, and color coded container tags. We also communicate the hazards of our products by providing company training on GHS compliance and Hazard Communication.  At Morgan-Gallacher, we ensure that all chemical labels and technical sheets are color coded and easy to read so employees can quickly (and correctly) identify any hazards involved when working with a specific chemical product.

Manufacturer Direct

We are not a distributor of chemicals, but a chemical company that manufactures our own products. If you have looked at our products and don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, that’s ok! We have equipment and creative chemists that will figure out how to develop a product that exactly suits your needs. Superior and reliable products provide the foundation to Morgan-Gallacher’s success. Whether your facility is in need of sanitation training, inventory services, or cleaning equipment, our team is more than happy to provide assistance. Morgan-Gallacher is your single source supplier for everything sanitation related for food and beverage facilities, vehicles and fleets, laundry services, and more.

Looking for Industrial Cleaning Chemicals in the Western U.S.?

Morgan-Gallacher is a family-owned chemical manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in the cleaning chemical industry. Our chemical supply company was founded to serve the ever-changing needs of food and beverage facilities and have expanded our product line as our company has grown. Superior and reliable products provide the foundation to Morgan-Gallacher’s success.

For consistent cleaning results and safe chemical solutions, contact Morgan-Gallacher.

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Safety. Quality. Productivity. By keeping these priorities in mind throughout every step of the process, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality of products that are effective, safe, and easy to use.

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